How to choose the perfect ski goggle

Finally back on track!

After a year without being able to ski we are thrilled to be able to show you the latest ski goggles to arrive in the shop. We have once again relied on the technology and style of Oakley, a leader in the world of sports eyewear for years. A smart purchase or a useful gift for mountain enthusiasts.

Here it is a simple guide to choosing the perfect ski goggle

First of all, it is important to take into consideration that there is no mask that is suitable for everyone in all climatic situations. The first step in deciding which goggle you deserve to invest in would be figuring out how often you go skiing.

Entry level: if you go skiing a few times a year

Probably a goggle like TARGET LINE L - 7120  with a versatile lens in light transmittance level can meet your needs. This goggle is offered in three sizes and as many lens colors that give these visual performances:

    • Black iridium excellent for the sunniest days
    • Sapphire iridium for clear and overcast skies, probably the most versatile
    • Orange and Yellow suitable for days of snow and fog

Semi-pro: when most weekends are for skiing

The perfect solution could be a goggle with Prizm ™ Snow technology and the Torch Iridium color lens featured in this model LINER MINER M - 7093

This configuration gives the skier maximum visibility regardless of the weather conditions. Prizm ™ Snow technology improves visual contrast by allowing you to identify irregularities in the terrain.

Professional: you practice skiing at a competitive level

We all dream of the perfect day without a cloud, but the weather, especially in the mountains, is unpredictable and you have to be ready for any conditions. For these advanced needs we recommend the top of the range Oakley FLIGHT PATH L - 7110

with Prizm ™ Snow technology with Sapphire iridium lens for clear sky days, alongside the LINER MINER L - 7070 model with Rose lenses for overcast or snowy days.

Ski mountaineering or walks in the snow


Last year's restrictions with the lifts closed have popularized other sports such as ski mountaineering, snowshoeing or snow hiking. The classic ski mask is not the most suitable for these sports because the uphill and downhill needs are different.

Oakley solved the problem by creating specific models for these disciplines and adding Prizm ™ Snow lenses on existing lifestyle models.

The CLIFDEN - 9440  model is the most suitable for these activities, equipped with Prizm ™ Snow technology, with removable eyecups and nose guard that further protect from UV rays, especially in the high mountains.