Long life the glasses: a complete guide to optical glasses and sunglasses cleaningness and maintenance

An easy Occhiblu guide to lens and frames maintenance

Just a few simple attentions to your glasses may guarantee them a longer life in excellent condition. This guide is useful for both routine cleaning and to prevent glasses and lenses from getting damaged or scratched.
If you think the glasses need to be adjusted or you are unsure about certain procedures listed, please contact us or visit us in the store. Our staff will be happy to help you.

Cleaning and maintenance routine

Deep cleaning for acetate or metal glasses


Do not wait for the glasses to become dirty to wash them, the ideal would be to have the habit of doing a daily deep cleaning when the glasses are used daily.
Follow these steps to deep clean glasses made of resistant materials such as acetate, titanium or other polymers and metals:

  1. Rinse the glasses and frame with warm water under the tap, making sure to remove abrasive elements, such as sand or salt, or grease, such as make-up or sunscreen.
  2. Soap your hands with neutral soap and pass them over the entire frame and lenses with circular movements.
  3. Rinse off all the soap well.
  4. Dry with very soft paper handkerchiefs.
  5. Finish by passing our Occhiblu microfiber that we provide with each pair of glasses.

Cleaning of glasses of special and delicate materials 

By delicate glasses we mean those that have inserts in wood, leather or other special fabrics. This type of glasses requires specialized cleaning, so we suggest you contact us for routine cleaning. 

Quick cleaning with the Occhiblu cleaning kit  


In case you cannot do a complete cleaning of your glasses because you are traveling or away from home, you can use the Occhiblu cleaning kit which includes a spray and a microfiber.
To use it just spray the liquid on the lenses and frame and then use the microfiber to remove the dirt by making circular movements.
If there are elements on the lenses that may be greasy, such as cream or makeup, or abrasives, such as salt or sand, it will still be necessary to rinse the glasses in plenty of water before applying the cleaning liquid.

Microfiber cleaning

The cleaning of the microfiber is also important. If it is not clean, it tends not to absorb the grease and dirt present on the lenses, thus creating halos.
We suggest that you wash the microfiber regularly by following these steps:

  1. Put it in the washing machine between 30-40 degrees on a mixed fabric program
  2. Let it air dry, without ironing it

Avoid scratches and accidents

Thermal shocks: hot and cold contrasts

High temperature contrasts can cause thermal shocks which could cause the anti-reflective coating to crack and damage the lens.
To avoid these thermal shocks we suggest you:

  1. Do not leave the glasses on the dashboard of the car.
  2. Do not put your face very close to the opening of the very hot oven to avoid the shot of steam.

Summer: sand, salt and sunscreen

There are some issues to consider for the maintenance of our glasses during the summer period:

  1. Both sand and salt could scratch the lens, so if sand or salt water settles on the glasses, first rinse well with fresh water and then wipe with the microfiber.
  2. In case your glasses get dirty with sunscreen, make-up or other greasy substances, it would be best to do a deep clean immediately to prevent the stains from drying. If this is not possible, rinse in fresh water and use the Occhiblu cleaning kit, then carry out a deep cleaning when possible.

Put the glasses back in the case after use

As important as regular cleaning is keeping them safe. The simple act of putting the glasses back into the case after use helps protect them from contact with objects that can cause scratches such as keys in a bag or pocket.

Place your glasses in a safe and secure place

The safest place to leave the glasses after use is inside their case. If you have to temporarily place them on a table, be careful to choose a large surface and keep the part of the lenses facing upwards.

Do not place your glasses on a chair, sofa or car seat. Do not leave them in places where the passage of someone can cause them to fall or step on.

Glasses are an object that can be easily lost or stolen. Pay extra attention to where it is stored.


Did you know?

The roof of the car is one of the places where it is easier to forget your glasses.


Small emergency repairs

If the frame should break, we suggest you come to Occhiblu as soon as possible to be able to repair it. If it is not repairable and the lenses are intact, we can move them to a new frame.

In case you are in an emergency situation and need to find a temporal solution such as repairing glasses with glue, we suggest you contact us first to give you our assistance.

Lo sapevi?

You can insurance your glasses choosing OcchibluCare Premium that protects in the event of theft or damage for 24 months after purchase in Italy.


Come to the store for a check-up


At Occhiblu we think that a quality eyewear can last a long time in excellent condition, which is why we offer free OcchibluCare after-sales support which includes adjustment, checking of metal parts and cleaning of the glasses.

As important as the maintenance of the glasses is the correct gradation. If you feel a decrease in vision, it may be time for a free vision check.



If you have any further doubts about this lens and frames cleaning and maintenance guide, contact us or come and visit us in our stores in Trieste in via San Spiridione 3 and Piazza della Borsa 2, our specialized staff will be able to help you.