Christmas under the tree:what glasses do I give you?

Not even time to take off the bathing suit from the shower knob, it's already time to think about Christmas gifts! Apart from global warming or the frenzy of today's times, the countdown for the advent of the most awaited holiday has already started and with it the hunt for the most captivating thought.

All this in a global market where thanks to the internet, e-commerce and one-click shopping, the real challenge lies in being able to extricate yourself from the immensity of proposals that the 2.0 commercial platform throws at us.

Here then we find ourselves bombarded with inputs we don't know how to give a name, sweetened offers and sweet and sour occasions. Like balls on a pinball machine we bounce from one lighted sign to another, at the mercy of a cyberspace that most of the time leaves us in the oblivion of uncertainty.

However, it would be too easy to criticize the times and the wrong habits that follow. Instead, we must give criteria to our choices, whether it is an item of clothing, a hi-tech tool or an accessory, the must for Christmas 2018 must be refinement.

It is with such an unconventional soul that the glasses of the autumn-winter 2018/19 season cry out to individuality. Exaggerated frames and clear lenses triumph in a scenario where daring never seems too much.

GUCCI 0431 / S

Starting from solutions with a more democratic price regime, we find unisex brands such as Havaianas and Polaroid that offer a range of glasses capable of satisfying the most disparate tastes.
From classic to modern, elegant, eccentric or sporty, the choice is not lacking.

For women's eyewear, on the other hand, Gigi Hadid, testimonial of Vogue and icon of the cat-eye look, is the master of this collection. With a classic or exaggerated shape, this type of frame is very popular in the fashion houses Fendi, Christhian Roth, Gucci and Versace, which with their models give uniqueness, evergreen style and a pinch of malice to women who are always in step with the times.


Pastel colors, pink, turquoise, light green or with scattered transparencies, enhance an eyewear that gives light and a touch of spring to the wearer
VERSACE 4355B 52885A

The lenses, very clear as required for the cold season, differ between basic, flashed or mirrored. The leitmotiv, however, is always the same: to create a play of depth between the eye and the surface of the lens, adapting the chromatic differences to the type of frame.

Garreth Leight, Black Fin and Dita instead are the protagonists for the men's collection. The proposal follows two well-defined scores: the metal rod frame, with a classic and captivating mold, or the back to the 70ies acetate square.”.

As for young people, the Gucci, Dior andSweet & amp; Gabbana depopulated among millennials, flaunting personality, visual impact and a pinch of folklore.

Eccentric logos and oversized dimensions wink at a deliberately transgressive look.
SWEET & amp; GABBANA 2214

So whether it's a gift for yourself or someone else, like every self-respecting Christmas, with its traditions, its parties and its toasts, there is no shortage of opportunities to show off a unique accessory and feel in harmony with the atmosphere. .
You just have to choose which mood we want to dress this winter and wear the glasses that best represent us!

Merry Christhmas


                                                                                               Sebastiano Blasina