Disposable contact lenses Miru, eco-friendly technology

Extraordinary ease of use, visual comfort and respect for the environment


Miru 1day Flat Pack disposable lenses have been carefully designed to facilitate practical and hygienic daily application, guaranteeing remarkable hydration and visual comfort. In addition, they have been made with 100% recycled plastic through an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

The thinnest blister in the world: hygiene and ease of use

I blister vengono consegnati in una compatta custodia da 30 lenti, facile da trasportare durante viaggi, per lo sport o per fare la tua attività preferita. 

The extremely thin blister opens easily presenting the lens with the outer side facing up, ready to be gripped with the finger. The packaging without the traditional tray prevents reuse as a container, minimizing the possibility of bacterial contamination.
The blisters are delivered in a compact 30 lens case, which is easy to carry while traveling, for sports or doing your favorite activity.


Carefully designed

for easy handling and hygienic and comfortable use.

Easy to open: unique soft and easy to open aluminum foil

Easy to find: no lens search in the solution

Easy and hygienic application: when the blister is opened, the lens is presented with the external side facing upwards

Minimal maintainance: disposable lenses, can be worn only once and then thrown away

Compact case: it takes up little space and is very practical to be transported.


Always hydrated lenses, sharp and clear vision

The biomimetic material with which it is made has smooth edges for optimal comfort and naturally binds to tears using a mechanism similar to that of the mucin layer of the tear film, retaining the liquid and allowing rapid rehydration of the lens with each blink.

Miru 1day Flat Pack toric has a unique very thin Bi-aspherical design that offers crisp and clear vision even in low light conditions. Thanks to CentraformTM technology, the edge is particularly smooth, designed to minimize friction and thus ensure optimal comfort.

The low profile of the edge creates a minimum discontinuity between the conjunctiva and the eyelid, allowing the latter to move comfortably over the lens.



Less handling for greater hygiene


Thanks to Smart TouchTM technology, the inside of the lens remains uncontaminated until the moment of insertion. When opened, the external surface of the lens is always facing upwards, eliminating the need to touch the internal surface of the lens.

In addition, the packaging with Active ComplianceTM technology has been specifically designed for single use. The lack of the traditional tray-shaped blister and the reduced volume of the solution in which the lens is immersed, of only 0.2 ml, favors storage and prevents the blister from being reused as a container.

Both technologies favor less lens manipulation to reduce the risk of microbial contamination. In fact, the number of bacterial colonies isolated from the lenses after having been manipulated to extract them from the blister is three times lower than in the packaging of conventional tray-shaped lenses.


Recycled plastic and eco-friendly manufacturing process

CentraformTM is a unique, fully automated lens manufacturing process that produces high quality aspherical optics in comfortable thin lenses, with exceptional levels of reproducibility and precision.

The use of a single concave mold, designed specifically for each lens parameter, allows you to use less raw materials and energy during production, adding a further contribution to the eco-friendly characteristics of the product.

Plus,  Miru 1 day flat pack contact lenses have been made from 100% recycled plastic and use 80% less plastic per pack than traditional tray-shaped packaging.



Less raw materials: 80% less plastic used in the package
Less waste: 99% recycled, the plastic used in the manufacturing process is approximately 99% recycled.
Attention to the environment: 100% recycled, the plastic used in the packaging is 100% recycled. 


If you would like further information regarding the application of contact lenses, contact us or come and visit us in our stores in Trieste, our specialized staff will be able to advise you.