OcchibluCare, Occhiblu's after-sales support


At Occhiblu we think that quality eyewear can last a long time in excellent condition, which is why we offer OcchibluCare support which includes various free and paid after-sales services for both eyewear maintenance and vision control.

OcchibluCare's free covers

We always offer you this service free of charge throughout the lifetime of your glasses. If you need our assistance, just contact our stores in Trieste or contact us to make an appointment.



Visual parameters

Visual acuity check to verify that the optical solution is optimal for your visual needs.


Glasses trim control

Periodic check-up of the setting of your glasses to guarantee you always perfect visual comfort. Includes adjustment of the temples and nose pads and some minor repairs.

Cleaning the glasses

Cleaning the frame and lenses with professional tools.


OcchibluCare Premium, an extra protection for eyeglasses

All glasses are covered by law for a minimum two-year warranty which covers all manufacturing defects, but unfortunately it does not cover in the event of any breakages due to misuse or poor maintenance by the consumer.

What to do if your newly purchased eyeglasses break? 
To ensure your peace of mind, we offer the OcchibluCare Premium warranty extension, which covers you for a period of 12 months in the event of accidental damage or theft.

The premium coverage

Accidental damage

Material and direct damage deriving from accidental damage or all outwardly visible damage, which jeopardize the functioning of the glasses, generated by sudden and unpredictable external causes.

Aggravated theft 

Theft of the property by known or unknown persons, with the threat of physical violence or theft.


Unlawful removal of the property by one or more people, illegally entering the home or car using force or violence, with visible signs of breaking in of the external defenses and the means of closure.

This is how OcchibluCare Premium works

The Occhiblu warranty extension service is done in collaboration with Casquo, it costs 20€, lasts 12 months from the date of purchase, and is valid on Italian territory.
To benefit from the insurance coverage it is necessary to present in our Occhiblu stores:
- an invoice or receipt for the glasses purchased
- the report presented to the competent authorities in the event of aggravated theft or burglary
- damaged glasses, complete with lenses, in the event of an accidental accident
The glasses are covered up to 1000€ for the purchase of a new replacement glasses. A deductible of 20€ will be payable on the new glasses in addition to 20% of the amount shown on the purchase tax document.

The warranty extension does not cover in the event of loss, misplacement, fraud, extortion or theft with dexterity.


How to activate OcchibluCare Premium

Activation of the OcchibluCare Premium coverage must be done upon delivery and payment of the glasses in our Trieste stores in via San Spiridione 3 and Piazza della Borsa 2, contat our specialized staff contact our specialized staff in case of doubts, they will be able to help you.