What is your glasses size?

The frames are available in various sizes to suit different face types. 

Here it is an illustrative Occhiblu guide to choose the glasses of the perfect caliber.

The caliber

The caliber corresponds to the width of the lens in millimeters. It is often used as a general measure of the glasses.

For example, a 46 caliber is a pair of glasses with a 46mm wide lens.


The lens-bridge-temple code








Inside one of the temples there is a printed code which indicates, again in millimeters, the measure of the lens, the bridge and the temple.

Lens: refers to the width of a single lens and is equivalent to the caliber.

Ponteis the width of the space between the two lenses.

Asta: is the length of a single temple from start to finish.


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If you have doubts about which caliber is most suitable for you, contact us, our specialized staff will be able to help you.