• Men's sunglasses made of nylon.
  • New version a little more rounded from the iconic Wayfarer model.

The first Wayfarer model, created by designer Raymond Stegeman in 1952 was all new for its time and gained great popularity to become, in the present day, an object of worship and an emoji symbol that forms part of modern language, representing the essential shape of sunglasses, but also a fresh and courageous attitude towards life.

Bob Dylan, Marliyn Monroe, James Dean, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Queen and George Michael are some of the many artists who have worn Wayfarers over time.

Ray-ban, the brand known by all, knows how to adapt through the time and dictates the paradigms of a world that through its models has seen generations grow that now, as then, identify themselves in a look when wearing the famous brand.

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