COVID-19 Here are 5 good tips for wearing contact lenses

With the latest government decree to effectively combat the problem caused by COVID-19, we find many restrictions, but also many good tips to follow. The first of all isSTAY HOME. This, until the problem is over, we will continue to say it too.

TheMinistry of Health invites you not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth as these are areas of easy access for microorganisms.


“So I can wear contact lenses”


There is no real and unique answer to the question, but we suggest avoiding them as much as possible. Soft contact lenses, for example, compared to rigid RGP lenses, can absorb substances in the air much more easily. This leads to an increase in the contact time with the ocular surface.e.


Contact lens wearers are therefore advised to use them only in cases of extreme need. We therefore suggest the use of the optical frame, possibly washed frequently with water and sanitizing soap..



In case you can't do without contact lenses, here it is5 good rules to follow for the application and removal::

1 Use contact lenses single use (disposable ones. Compared to the biweekly or monthly ones, they do not need any maintenance..

2 Wash your hands thoroughly with sanitizing soap. It has now become a common rule for everyone to return home and immediately wash their hands. This process needs to be even more meticulous for lens wearers. Your hands must bee perfectly clean when they come into contact with the eye..

3 Wear, if possible, sterile gloves to apply and remove lenses. This will avoid eye-skin contact which can carry microorganisms.

4 Use the lenses for one use only and for the shortest possible time. Disposable lenses do not go NEVER reused.

5 If possible use safety goggles properly sanitized to create a defensive barrier between the eye and the air.