The innovative lens

Lutina protects your eyes from harmful rays and cell aging

UV rays affect the skin the same way they affect the retina, and more precisely, the macula, responsible for sharp and detailed vision. Our eye is protected from ultraviolet rays by a substance called lutein, but in the absence of adequate protection this substance tends to oxidize.

How to protect your eyes from UV rays

For the skin we use sunscreen and for the eyes one of the most common options is to use sunglasses. However, sunglasses offer protection to brightness from the sun, but most they do not absorb UV rays above 400 nm. Lutina lenses, made with an organic material exclusive of the Japanese house Tokai, absorb 100% of harmful UV light coming from the sun and 94% of the blue light generated from artificial sources, covering up to 420 nm, preserving lutein and protecting the macula.

The importance of lutein

Lutein is a natural pigment that has antioxidant and protective properties for our eyes, however our body is not capable of to synthesize it, and it is taken through a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. The lutein pigment is accumulated in the macula to protect it, but exposure to UV rays and blue light causes it to oxidize, decreasing its quantity. The Lutina lens, thanks to its protective capacity, reduces oxidation of the lutein present on the macula, protecting the eye in a way that delays age-related macular degeneration and other diseases such as diabetic retinopathy.

Lutein is a pigment that protects the eye and it is assumed through a balanced diet

The use of Lutina in front of the computer you allows you to relax eyes, decreasing visual fatigue

Visual comfort and relaxed eye

The use of Lutina lenses allows the eye to be protected and relaxed, this also helps to ease the fatigue due to long exposures to artificial lights. In addition, they give considerable visual comfort: the colors are not distorted, glare is reduced and the contrast improved.

A monomer unique in the world

Lutina lenses are not comparable to classic lenses with anti-reflective e blue light filter, the monomer of which the lens is built makes its efficacy better than other types of lenses in business.

With Lutina

Lutina lenses absorb harmful UV rays (HEV) and light blue, protecting lutein.

Without Lutina

With ordinary lenses lutein deteriorates more easily from exposure to harmful (HEV) UV and blue light.

Tipology of Lutina lenses

According to the needs, Lutina lenses can be configured in the following way

Monofocal They allow the correct vision to one only distance, far or near.
Progressive Also called multifocal, they integrate various types of correction in a single visual solution.
Office They are accommodative lenses, which facilitate the vision when passing from a far to a near distance.
Photocromatic They are activated with ultraviolet rays, acting as both eyewear and sunglasses.
Sun Colored lenses, neutral or graduated, in different shades of color and category of light transmittance 1, 2 or 3.
Indice di rifrazione 1.76 Il materiale organico più sottile al mondo esclusivo di Tokai.

Le lenti Lutina sono disponibili anche da sole