The Aviator model was designed to be worn under helmets or hats. The first lenses mounted on this sunglasses were mirrored with the classic dark green G15 which still remains the most popular color for the lens to this day. The design has been tought to cover the entire field of view of the human eye, in order to significantly lower transmitted visible light and blocking ultraviolet radiation from entering the eye from any angle.

The glasses were supplied to the American military aviation in 1935.

Like the Wayfarer model, the Aviator model also became popular in Hollywood, under the guidance of the then American manufacturer and distributor Bausch & Lomb. The war films that marked an era in cinema had this frame as their protagonist.

A legendary and iconic frame. Probably the most famous and best-selling ever.

Today Luxottica carries on this myth which, without any doubt, will live on forever.

It is made in 3 different calibers:

  • 55 - for small faces
  • 58 - for medium sized faces
  • 62 - for large faces

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