Mr. Leight

1967 SL 57

  • Women's sunglasses inspired by the 60s and made entirely of Japanese titanium.

The 1967 model is part of a Mr Leight limited series of only 100 units produced worldwide. The glasses are delivered with a case containing 2 pairs of lenses, which can be exchanged with the existing ones. Just remove the lenses from the front to be able to change the color of the lenses according to the style or mood you want to give to your look. An almost collector's item created by the designers of the brand Larry and Garrett Leight.

Mr. Leight is the result of the extraordinary combination of Garrett Leight and his father Larry Leight, the historic founder of Oliver Peoples. This four-handed collection expresses the excellence of the Californian Leight family, which has been in business for several decades now.

The use of Japanese acetates and titans, combined with a balanced and well-balanced fit on the face, make this collection a flagship and a brand that will become a reference point in the world of eyewear worldwide.

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